Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fireworks in Beirut as March 14 Cruises to Victory

By Justin and Andrea McMahan

BEIRUT - On June 7, Lebanon held its most important national election in decades. With votes mostly counted, the March 14 coalition defied expectations by maintaining a parliamentary majority and picking up seats in key Christian districts. Despite a strong showing in the south by March 8 that includes Hezbollah and its Shia ally Amal, the election was a victory for the ruling coalition and a welcome turn of events for the United States, Israel and other western countries.

Fireworks light up the Beirut sky

As the clock neared midnight, and election results pointed to a March 14 victory, backers of the ruling coalition lit off fireworks all throughout northern Beirut. Hotel Le Gabriel threw its own victory party that included roman candles and other cascading fireworks lighting up the streets of Ashrafieh as sparks fell harmlessly on revelers.

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