Monday, June 22, 2009

Justin and Andrea Speak with GMA Re Iran

CAIRO - We left Iran and, after 12 hours of travel, are now in Egypt. Upon landing, we taped an interview for Good Morning America on ABC News about our experiences there. The piece, titled "US Tourists Witness Iranian Protests," aired Sunday morning but you can see the full video clip by going to

The segment is also on the homepage ticker. Bear in mind, we did this on virtually no sleep and having come straight off the plane! We look forward to your comments. You can also listen to Justin's phone interview with Kate, taped earlier, here:


  1. Great interviews guys. Justin - forget Citi, ping CNN.

  2. a great job you two did. It was a compelling segment and you two are naturals in front of the camera. I'm so glad you're safe. You've been on my mind.