Saturday, June 13, 2009

Plumes of Black Smoke Rise From Streets of Central Tehran as Mousavi Supporters Protest Election Results

TEHRAN – From our room on the 12th floor of the Enghelab Hotel in central Tehran, we can see black smoke rising about a mile away. From the time that the earliest results were announced last night, Tehranis have been mostly quiet, although most people who we passed on the street today had a dejected look about them.

All that changed this evening. Supporters of former PM Mousavi have taken to the streets, burning tires and chasing away groups of Iranian security officials. Wearing the trademark green of the Mousavi campaign, they are marching up Vali Asr Avenue in the city center demonstrating their immense disappointment with the election results and belief that the election may not have been totally free and fair.

Mousavi has issued calls for calm, but people are saying that they have not seen this level of civic unrest since the 1979 Islamic revolution. No one knows what will happen or how this will turn out.

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